Friday, April 3, 2015

Beauty ingredients working into our body beauty routines.

We all know how important it is to wash our hands ,face and body , but does anyone ever think about soap ingredients?
From milk to clays, Natural Handcrafted Soap is always lookout for healthy ingredients.
Goat milk Soap
Goat milk Soap
Today people around the “World” are very creative and open mind about try new and different ingredients.
Most of them prefer organic and natural , some of ours reviewers claims from fact our soaps really work.
Goat's milk soap for every day use
Goat’s milk soap for every day use
Nancy Wrote
Carla Curry Horne, 27, 2015 wrote: “I Love this product and will plan to buy more… it made my skin smooth and silky..”
By Sande on 27, 2015 wrote: First time I have ever written about soap, but I had to! It’s wonderful. I just purchased my second bar of this ambrosia! The scent is wonderfully soft and subtle, lingers on the skin ever so lightly, yet it’s there. (My husband loves it. ;) ) I have used this soap for everything from washing my sensitive facial skin, to using it as shampoo. Makes a soft, creamy lather, and of course as I said before, the scent. Be sure to keep this soap dry so it last longer. I will be sharing bars of this as gifts to friends.
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Published 1 days ago by Alex Dionisio wrote: The recipient had no complaints!I got this as a present for someone, and to the best of my knowledge, they enjoyed it as a change from regular soap.
Goat’s Milk Soap
Belle wrote: Nice Lightly Scented Soap This soap is invigorating to use, lathers well, and leaves your skin squeaky clean. I gave some to my son several years ago as a present, and he now asks for a few bars as a present every year. I like it, he loves it. In regards to the comment that the soap melts, almost all handcrafted soaps will “melt” if left in a soap dish that water collects in, or if it is in the direct line of the water from a shower head. I solve this problem by placing it outside the shower curtain where it is on a dry corner of the tub. I have used other soaps by this company and they all seem to last for months, and months. If you like citrus scent, this soap is worth a try.
Citrus Soap
Nanci wrote: This review is from: Goat’s Milk Soap Bar All Natural Farm Fresh Milk (Health and Beauty) This seems to not irritate my sons eczema I bought this bar about 5 months ago. Still have most of the bar goes a long way.
Goat’s Milk Soap
There was some companies using Bizarre beauty ingredients we just have to be careful to buy from then , always read the labels ingredients
less ingredients ,better products.
PS. My advice is for all – Do not buy any products with Bizarre Ingredients – like Snail Slime ,Horse Oil ,Bee Venom ,Pig Collagen . Also, a lot of people have allergies, so be careful.”
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